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devonic former

The idea originated in the mind of Michal Štalmach, who was working on a student project for a growing children’s bicycle. Together with Vladimír Hučko, they created a unique concept that blends fantasy with functionality, helping to build a child’s relationship with bicycles.

Our Journey Michal, a student, approached us as part of his student project – the design of a growing children’s bicycle. In 2020, we built a prototype that won the Czech National Student Design Award in 2021, the Best in Design award (www.zlindesignweek.com), and an award within the V4 Graduation Projects (www.graduationprojects.eu).

Our Team Michal Štalmach Design Director Adrián Durec Process Vladimír Hučko CEO, Development Igor Majerský Final What We’ve Achieved National Student Design Award Crystal Mercury V4 Graduation Projects Best in Design

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Our Great Crew

Meet our fantastic team!

Michal Stalmach
Design Director
Vladimir Hucko
CEO, Development
Adrian Durec